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Document & Process Management solutions

Thanks to a business unit dedicated to the management of documents and processes, we are able to accompany you to the digital transformation of office work through a proprietary software suite and personalized advice for the digitization of business processes.


You will thus be able to bring the concept of Document Intelligence into the company: an “intelligent” management of company documents and processes, which allows, with minimum effort, to increase efficiency, reduce costs and always have full control over the status of activities.

Document Intelligence Software:

Transform the data generated or received by the ERP into ordered documents, with an accurate graphic layout and manageable in a fully automated way.

Archives, organizes, manages and sends all company documents, providing a control and mapping tool for all document management processes.

It allows to eliminate the manual activities related to the acquisition and insertion of the information contained in the document within the information system.

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Data synchronization solutions

The integration, synchronization and restore of data are fundamental processes for the management of any company.

To meet these needs, we have created a Business Unit dedicated to the world of data, able to support you with personalized advice and two software developed to optimize data synchronization and recovery operations: Duplo® for information synchronization and integration of different applications; BK2LAN to facilitate the backup and recovery of iSeries systems objects on NAS.

Data Synchronization & restore software:

It connects the various business applications in real time, without blocking user operations: it manages the synchronization of data in a bidirectional way, allowing the updating between different databases, regardless of the platform / operating system used.

It allows you to save and restore objects such as libraries, IFS folders, DLO folders and confidentiality data of iSeries systems on networks, such as NAS or SAN, thus facilitating data backup and restore for normal system use.

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Data Orchestration solutions

A company must be able to govern its processes with fast, efficient and secure IT procedures, especially when repetitive actions and working methods are involved. Furthermore, these systems must be able to monitor the execution of these processes and allow the analysis of flows.


Net Action is the process orchestration application that allows you to quickly and easily define and coordinate process logics integrated with the Company Information System. All this is possible thanks to the software’s ability to connect to every point of the IT structure, interpreting any event and transforming it into very complex and structured actions.



Learn more about Net Action, the business process management software!

Orchestration software that deals with making business processes more efficient

What Net Action does

Net Action allows you to:

  • Define connectors to automatically and transparently retrieve information from data sources such as mailboxes, directories, ftp servers, databases, operating system data queues (MSMQ for Win32 and DTAQ / MSGQ for AS / 400).
  • Establish a set of rules associated with each individual connector to analyze and process the information found.
  • Define, execute and manage processes. Each process is in turn made up of a set of freely implementable phases.
  • Manage the advanced scheduling of user operations.

How Net Action works

Net Action is made of three modules:

  • Connector Manager: retrieves information from different data sources, through specific connectors (e.g. pop3, Sql, file, MSMQ, Ftp, etc.)
  • Process manager: coordinates the execution of the processes defined therein. Each process is in turn composed of a set of phases, the start of which can be synchronized to internal or external events. In this way asynchronous operations can be transformed into synchronous and controllable operations.
  • Scheduler: manages the advanced scheduling of user operations.

Strengths of Net Action

  1. Control: in an environment that automates and controls heterogeneous activities, it is essential to implement an anomaly control logic. Net Action guarantees the control of the process in every phase and provides different ways of communicating anomalies.
  2. Multi-language: the logic defined in Net Action (i.e. connector rules, process phases or scheduled operations) are implemented through a real development environment, which provides 4 programming languages (PascalScript, JScript, C ++ Script and BasicScript), which do not need external editors or compilers.
  3. Flexible framework: the programming framework incorporates many basic classes and extensible functions for all kinds of activities (database access, native management of PDF, XML, ZIP, text files, access to FTP servers, SMTP, MSMQ, complete file management, mathematical and conversion functions, connection to OLE server etc.). The framework also allows you to create new functions and classes, in order to perfectly adapt the tool to the company information system.
  4. Analysis and validation tools: the implementation and maintenance of processes is simplified by tools for logic analysis and validation. Each activity is tracked on a database to carefully monitor the operations performed.

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