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The Arket’s document intelligence: data and processes become smart to improve your business

A company is made of resources: software solutions developed by Arket allow you to release these resources, to improve the business of companies.

The Arket’s selection focuses on the intelligent management of processes and information contained in them, creating what we call “Document Intelligence“: the systems communicate and data become always available, anywhere, safely and accurately to achieve the desired objectives.

Document Management Software

Sendy, Globe and Station are the Arket’s software that bring into companies the concrete concept of Document Intelligence, allowing the management of documents and processes in a safe, intuitive and automated way.

The adoption of these solutions allows to reduce costs related to errors and wastes of resources, as well as to reduce the time spent for data entry into the information system and to facilitate the creation and management of business documents. In addition, the guided and user oriented procedures, assure you to find, from any place, the right information and documents at the right time.


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Transforms data generated by or received from the ERP in tidy documents, with an accurate graphic layout and manageable in complete automation.

Archives, organizes, manages and sends all your business documents, providing a control and mapping instrument for all the document management processes.

Eliminates all wasteful manual tasks associated with the acquisition and integration of the document within the company information system.

Data Software

Data integration and synchronization are a fundamental process for the management of every company: for this reason Arket has developed the Duplo software family.

DuploDB is the application dedicated to the integration of information and applications used within the company and its locations.

The mission is to get different systems, belonging to the same work environment, to communicate with each other: in this way the software ensures the exchange of data  between applications, even when they are not naturally linked together. This intelligent integration capitalizes and at the same time preserves the existing investments in hardware and software.


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Connects different application existing within companies,
without stopping the users operations, in real time.

Orchestration Software

A company must be able to govern its processes with fast, efficient and safe IT procedures, especially when repetitive actions and repetitive methods are involved.. These systems must be able to monitor the execution of processes and allow the flow analysis.

Net Action is the orchestration application that allows to define and coordinate, in a simple and quick way, the process logics integrated with the Company ERP, thanks to its ability to link up in every point of the IT structure, interpreting any event, transforming it into an action, even very complex and structured.


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Orchestration software that aims to make more performing your business processes

What Net Atcion does
Net Action allows to:

  • Define connectors to automatically and transparently retrieve information from data sources such as email boxes, directories, ftp servers, databases, operating system data queues (MSMQ for Win32 and DTAQ / MSGQ for AS / 400).
  • Establish a set of rules associated with each single connector to analyze and process the information found.
  • Define, run, and manage processes. Each process is in turn formed by a set of freely implemented phases.
  • Manage advanced scheduling of user operations.

The structure of Net Action
Net Action consists of 3 modules:

  • Connector Manager: retrieves information from different data sources, through specific connectors (eg pop3, Sql, files, MSMQ, Ftp, etc.)
  • Process manager: coordinates the execution of processes defined in it. Each process is in turn composed of a set of stages whose start can be synchronized to internal or external events. In this way asynchronous operations can be transformed into synchronous and controllable operations.
  • Scheduler: manages advanced scheduling of user operations.

Strengths of Net Action

  • Control: In an environment that automates and monitors heterogeneous activities, it is crucial to implement a logic to check for anomalies. Net Action guarantees process control at every stage and provides various ways of communicating anomalies.
  • Multi-language: the logics defined in Net Action (ie, connector rules, process steps, or scheduled operations) are implemented through a real development environment that provides 4 programming languages (PascalScript, JScript, C ++ Script and BasicScript ), Which do not require external editors or compilers.
  • Flexible Framework: the programming framework incorporates many basic classes and extendable functions for any kind of activity (database access, native document management, XML, ZIP, text files, FTP server access, SMTP, MSMQ, full management of files, math and conversion functions, linking to OLE servers, etc.). The framework also allows you to create new functions and classes, so you can perfectly adapt the tool to your business information system.
  • Analysis and validation tools: processes deployment and maintenance is simplified by analytic and validation of logic tools. Every task carried out is mapped to databases for careful monitoring of the operations performed.