Arneg: checking the invoices to save money

Accounting Dept., Purchasing Dept.


  • Sector: commercial refrigeration, design, production and installation of equipment for the retail industry.


The problem

The italian company Arneg Spa, designs, manufactures and installs equipment for commercial refrigeration, worldwide. It has conquered the market thanks to a solid business policy, oriented to people and the environment, but also thanks to quality and targeted investments in materials, know-how and innovation of the tools. The company interacts with a large amount of suppliers and documents produced by them such as, for example, invoices.


The company needed to structure the approval process for incoming invoices. The intent was to streamline the flow by optimizing the time for approval, without sacrificing precision in the criteria, as it comes to cash outflows, a sensitive topic for companies of all sizes.


The solution: Globe

Choosing the Globe document management system, led to the digitization of invoices and to a preliminary sorting that allows to identify those responsible for the approval process in a very short time. Every single person will receive his/her documents and, on the basis of his/her evaluation criteria, will be able to approve them.


The processing times are reduced because it has been structured also the possibility of off-site approval, in mobile mode.

For what concerns the optimization of timing, it may intervene the accounting department, which is equipped with a dashboard for the complete control of every single invoice and its status: to record, for approval, etc.


Advantages of the solution

At any time, the administrative manager could retrieve a specific invoice and solicit the right staff to take action on it.

The selected software