Milldue Spa: checking invoices on mobile

Accounting Dept.

Milldue spa


  • Sector: furnishing company


The problem

The flow management of incoming invoices, received from suppliers, is one of the most delicate phases for a company.
Milldue Spa, in particular, needed to be able to have more control and optimize the time dedicated to this task, allowing the approval of documents even when the person in charge is out of office.


The solution: Globe

The Globe system has allowed the company to have more control over the received documents and the state of progress of the process.

Thanks to a process of monitoring and automatic sorting, documents in approval are immediately made available in digital form. Grazie ad un processo di smistamento automatico e monitoraggio, i documenti in approvazione sono resi disponibili fin da subito in forma digitale.


The advantages of the solution

The automation of the process, allows to route documents to the involved approvers, with a structuring of the approval which provides for the release of the account entry when the invoice is approved.

The accounting office, with this implementation gets, at any time, complete control on the received invoices and their state of progress.

The selected software