Arcoprofil: management of EDI files

Sales dept., Production, Accounting dept.

Arcoprofil Srl is a company from Vicenza, specialized in the production of toothed profiles: one of the main areas where these products are used (axle shafts and drive shafts for trucks) is the automotive industry.


In recent years, in the automotive industry, the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has established itself as the de facto standard for sending and receiving orders and invoices; hence the company’s need to independently manage this type of file.


In particular Arcoprofil needed to easily deal with the incoming (orders) and outgoing (invoices and delivery notes) EDI files: with our software Station it has been possible to automate the conversion of incoming EDI files and the subsequent extraction of data and the data entry into the corporate ERP, and vice versa the transformation of invoices and customs bills inside the company management software in an EDI format suitable for sending them to customers.

The selected software