Engineering company – Management of tenders integrated with ERP

Settore: Ingegneria

Partners with whom the project was developed: BMS and Centro Software



The company’s need

An engineering company wanted to be able to manage efficiently and automatically the document flow related to tenders, integrating with SAM ERP2 by Centro Software.

The project was followed and implemented by our partners BMS and Centro Software.


The solution: Globe

The DMS Globe, thanks to an integration module, is able to acquire from SAM ERP2 the Purchase Request type documents that identify a “Tender”.


Once Globe has acquired the purchase request, an Action will allow to insert the documentation related to the Tender (specifications, metric calculation, time schedule, graphic elaboration) and Globe will automatically create links between the newly inserted documents and the purchase request for the Tender acquired from SAM ERP2.

Another Action also provides the possibility to enter the suppliers participating in the Tender, activating a specific Workflow: each added supplier will receive a notification email, to which will be attached all the documents related to the Tender.

Once decided which supplier to contact, the user will select the winner in Globe: this operation blocks all workflows remaining pending on the other suppliers and closes the Tender.

At this point the closing of the Tender triggers another workflow, which initiates a cycle of checks on the purchase request. If the three authorization steps are passed, an Action is enabled, that writes to an external table of the SAM ERP2 database the data that will be used by a stored procedure, to automatically create the “authorized” purchase request within SAM ERP2.

Advantages of the solution

The integration between the DMS Globe and SAM ERP2 allows you to automate a whole series of operations related to the Tenders.


This means that the user no longer has to waste time exporting and re-importing the necessary documents from one application to another or preparing and sending individual emails for each supplier to be involved (at the beginning and at the end of the Tender ).

The user will also be guided in the execution of the actions and in the insertion of the necessary documentation, step by step.


All this translates into a considerable saving of time for the user, greater control over the processes linked to tenders and a growing efficiency in the management of flows.

The selected software