Mantovani e Vicentini: streamlined document processes integrated with the ERP

  • Industry: Oil&Gas
  • Partners with whom the project was developed: Centro Software


The need

Mantovani e Vicentini Srl, belonging to the Schlumberger group, is a leader in the production of machinery for drilling oil wells. Following a lean perspective, the company wanted to streamline its document processes, eliminating passages that up until then were not traceable, often useless and expensive, and that brought with them the risk of losing the documentation. All this by integrating with the ERP.


In particular, the company wanted to manage:

  • Archiving of accounts receivable and payable documents
  • Extra ERP flows, such as purchase order authorizations, supplier invoices etc..
  • Management of external documentation: security, maintenance sheets, quality certificates with relative deadlines
  • Management of commercial proposal through workflow



The solution: Globe

In our DMS Globe, the Mantovani e Vicentini company has found the ideal solution to manage its documentation and the flows associated with it. In detail, in addition to archiving the documents of accounts receivable and payable, some particularly interesting flows have been implemented, completely integrated with the company ERP:

  • Purchase Requests approval workflow with expense limits.
  • Creation, through Globe APP, of photographic documentation relating to the shipments of machinery, to be attached to the order.
  • Also through the Globe app, Kanban station provisioning request towards the erp for material release.
  • Grouping of all documentation related to a specific serial number of the machine.
  • Price management through a specific task, involving sales and production departments, for the definition of costs and times.
  • Management of commercial offers: a workflow has been implemented that allows you to manage the status of the offer document and that in specific cases can request the intervention of the Technical Office and Production for processing, to then return the final offer to the commercial, which sends it to the customer. The workflow also allows you to notify subsequent users of changes in the flow regarding Offer, Lead Times, Shipments, Orders, etc.

Purchase Requests Approval


When a user enters a purchase request within the ERP and prints it, an authorization workflow is automatically triggered in Globe.


For this flow the concept of approver manager has been implemented: he will receive an e-mail notification containing a link to a web page, in which the approver can decide whether to approve or not the purchase request and motivate the action taken through a field “Note”.


Once the purchase request has been issued, it will be possible to consult the details on the status of the task.


When the purchase request is approved, a note is automatically inserted into the document.


In addition, the digital signature of the approver will be affixed.

Photographic documentation of shipments via APP


Before choosing the DMS Globe, the creation of photographic documentation related to the shipment of finished products followed a very complex and lengthy process: a person in charge had to take the photos of the packages ready for shipment with a camera, connect to the PC and download the photos , attach them manually to the correct order, etc.)


Thanks to the Globe app, instead, the process has been streamlined and some procedures have been automated, with a great time saving and greater efficiency. The app is usable from any Android or iOS mobile device.


A specific action has been implemented within the app (“Shipment image acquisition”), which allows the user to easily create all the necessary photographic documentation and attach it to the correct order: through a mobile device the user can scan the barcode of the shipment and in this way Globe will compile some information automatically (order number, customer code etc.).
Still using the app, he will then proceed to take the necessary shipping photos and Globe will automatically link them to the right order.


Thanks to the integration, all the photos will be available in the company ERP as links linked to the order.

Kanban supply request via APP


Still using the Globe app, Mantovani and Vicentini Srl chose to optimize warehouse management by implementing a “Kanban supply request” action.


The user will need to enter:

  • The location where the Kanban station is located and the location ID
  • Scan with the camera the barcode of the article for which you want to make a request. Starting from the barcode, Globe will automatically fill in other necessary fields (eg article description).
  • Once the request is confirmed, it will be inserted in the ERP for the release of the material.

The advantages of the solution

One of the strengths most appreciated by the company regards the full integration of our DMS Globe with the ERP. This allows you to:

  • have a single point of access to all company documentation
  • create links between related documents automatically (facilitating and speeding up browsing and consulting the documentation)
  • automate some procedures with little added value.


The end users of the product have returned an excellent feedback on the integration between the two solutions.


Pursuing a lean perspective, moreover, adopting a software that allows to manage documents and processes in an intelligent way allows to streamline procedures, reduce the quantity of paper documents and manual exchanges. Users no longer have to waste time requesting others to send documentation, because everything they need can be found independently within Globe.


Globe is also an excellent tool to keep track of everything related to documents, including communications and exchanges between users. All this translates into a lower risk of information loss and greater control over information flows.

``We were looking for a complete document archiving suite to be used alongside the company ERP.
We found in Globe an ideal, flexible and intuitive solution for managing the documentation of the active / passive cycle and for the documentation and certifications inherent to the production cycle.
Through the implementation of Workflow we have streamlined business processes, always having clear responsibilities and response times.
Thanks to Globe, access to documents is now `` people independent`` and this has allowed us to optimize resources by increasing productivity and business efficiency.``

Massarenti Luca – IT Admin – Schlumberger

The software
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