Siderforgerossi: web procedures to save time

Purchasing Dept.

  • Sector: metal forging
  • Revenue: > 200 million €
  • Employees: > 1000


The problem

The time spent by the purchasing office of Siderforgerossi for the management of purchase requests and RFQs was consistent, since the process was not engineered.

First, the offers uploading took place in a semi manual way, by acquiring them from suppliers via email or paper; then they were uploaded by the operators of the company in the IT system. Comparisons were then carried out in an unstructured way: they printed the various quotations and the time taken to evaluate the proposals was always higher than expected.


The needs were therefore those of improving the uploading system and at the same time to have more control of the existing purchasing requests and RFQs. In this way the company could improve the monitoring of the ongoing requests, managing even the reminders to suppliers.


The solution: Globe

The decision was to set up a web service for the uploading of offers, choosing our Document Management System Globe.

By using a wizard, suppliers can upload individual offers directly into the Globe system, which interacts with the ERP of Siderforgerossi. In this light, RFQs and purchase requests become part of the flows and processes governed by the central system: the main advantage is a great time saving in the uploading of the offers.

Advantages of the solution

An added value was certainly given by the implementation of the instrument, which allows quickly comparisons but always in a weighted and effective way.

The developed technology allows to build a system for the customer that involves from the beginning also the supplier in the management procedures of purchasing requests and RFQs, in order to obtain common savings: less time spent uploading and evaluating the offers, less time waiting for responses.

The selected software