UNILAB Laboratori Industriali Srl – Innovation in document management of certificates of conformity



Industry: Engineering technical services and instrument calibration

Partners with whom the project was developed: Centro Software Srl


The Company’s need

Unilab Laboratori Industriali srl is a laboratory specialized in engineering technical services, mainly in the field of Industrial Metrology, Material Testing, Metallography, Contamination and Tomography; among these is the Measurement Tools Calibration service.


The company daily manages data from measurement equipment, which is inserted into Word and Excel files; delivery to the customer takes place after printing in pdf, signature and scanning using the multi-function system.


The connection between the test equipment and the final documents requires an Access environment and involves manual archiving in folders on file systems.
The development needs of the company have however made necessary a structured and digital management of the documentation, in an Industry 4.0 perspective: for this reason the company has chosen Globe as a software solution to support the document processes related to the certificates of conformity.



The solution: Globe

Unilab uses our Globe DMS to store and manage all accounts receivable and payable documents, integrating with SAM ERP2 by Centro Software.


Given the efficiency of Globe in the administrative sphere, the company has chosen to use it also for the management of certificates. Operators therefore work in a single, fully integrated environment, which includes customer master data, instrument master data, the entire documentation of the order and the web portal for customers.

In Globe the operator is able to select different information, using an interactive mask activated through the “Insert new certificate” command, such as:

  • Type of report (eg certificate of analysis)
  • Operator
  • Production order
  • Number of certificate
  • Tool


Subsequently, Globe guides the operator in manually entering data (necessary for some types of instruments) or in selecting the PRN file created by the measuring device and containing the measurement data.

Furthermore, some information is inherited directly from the ERP (eg. Order number, Customer address, etc.), allowing Globe to easily fit into the management work cycle.


Globe processes this file and automatically inserts the data contained in it into the Word and Excel models already used by the laboratory, allowing staff and customers to work with documentation with which they are already familiar.

Once all the data has been retrieved and the document has been created in Word / Excel format, Globe automatically generates the PDF version, which is electronically signed and sent to the customer.


All documents generated by this procedure are automatically organized in Dossiers / folders, which allow you to efficiently collect all the documentation relating to a specific order / customer.


Unilab also provides makes signed electronically documents available through the Globe Portal, accessible from the web via credentials: customers have the opportunity to consult their certificates in complete safety and download them independently, thus eliminating manual sending operations .

Advantages of Globe


The most obvious advantages that Unilab Laboratori Industriali srl has been able to achieve, by choosing to use document software such as Globe, are mainly four:

  • All certificates are produced, stored and managed in a single environment.
  • The certificates generated and stored in Globe become searchable by keywords, by order, by instrument, by customer, etc.
  • All documents relating to a specific production order are automatically grouped together, making the consultation of certificates much faster and easier.
  • The Globe portal allows Unilab to make available to the customer a new service accessible via the web and to make the exchange of documents more efficient.


The process innovation achieved thanks to the introduction of the Globe system has finally allowed Unilab to re-enter among the companies assigned the Voucher for the digitalization of business processes and technological modernization as per the interministerial decree of 23 September 2014.

The selected software

Top image credits: Unilab laboratori industriali