Socomec: the added value of the assistance call center

Sales dept.

  • Sector: electrical and electronic production
  • Revenue: > 450 million €
  • Employees: 3100 in 21 branches


The problem

The company Socomec has a call center whose operators provide assistance on various products.


Before choosing Arket, the opening of the support ticket was not automated and each operator manually activated the procedure, writing down on paper the information relating the end customer and his problem.

This entailed the risk that the information was not complete, the loss of such information in the transition to colleagues and a drastic increase of the timing when the ticket was re-opened at a later stage.

The need was therefore to manage in a streamlined but complete and traced way the calls, not only for the individual operator but for the entire support team.


The solution: Globe

Socomec chose Globe for the creation of a new information flow integrated with the management system already existing. The solution was to open the ticket simultaneously to the phone call with the customer, which in turn receives a mail notifying the operation.


The system tracks, through the serial number of the product, the basic information: customer, location, model and features. From the first contact any other procedure on the call is tracked and made available to the rest of the team.

The advantages of the solution

The added value of this operating choice is given by the significant time savings in call handling and the ability to analyze all the information, such as the workload of the team, the products with the most reports and the nature of the problem. This latter feature ensures completeness of information that goes beyond the effective management of the signaling, since it constitutes an important element for the verification of the production processes.

The selected software